Another Conspiracy Theory?

The latest conspiracy theory has been put out by Dick Morris, “former Democratic strategist,” in the Clinton admin. He turned on Bill Clinton in 1999 and has been on the “other side” ever since.

He now claims that the increase in votes in cities like Atlanta and Detroit are much larger than population increases, so he claims ballot stuffing in all of them: a Democrat conspiracy. He’s now signed on with the conservative news org, Newsmax, maybe on the strength of this theory?

There is another explanation: the kind of get out the vote and mobilization that Stacey Abrams was about in Georgia was also successful in these other cities: why? In part due to the Black Lives Matter movement, mobilizing black and brown people to the polls as a response to the obvious efforts to suppress their votes. And also a response to the apparent police effort to suppress black people, period: mobilized by the killings or abuse of all the victims like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Seems like a rational response to me: no need for a conspiracy to stuff ballots. Black and brown people may have felt impelled to vote in numbers they never had before. And political activists probably ginned them up.

Hope that works in the Georgia runoffs, too.

And not all the increase in votes in those places was for Democrats: Trump actually appears to have gained % share among minorities’ votes in these cities, as counter-intuitive as that seems.

But now, with Michigan’s and Georgia’s certification of the votes, finally, GSA’s Emily Murphy has certified that Joe is President Elect, even if DJT still refuses to concede. So, the transition can now proceed: that’s important. Trump hasn’t conceded, but at least he’s ‘allowing’ Emily to release the transition funds, etc.

So, what the hell is Trump trying to accomplish?

The likelihood is that his attempts to overturn the election results are doomed, and even his closest staff can see that, but that poses the question. Why does he continue?

I think it’s to hold onto his fame, notoriety, and the public’s attention for as long as he’s able, since public attention/adoration is what he craves, always. And to him its AWFUL that he’s been beaten by “Sleepy Joe” Biden. He still can’t wrap his mind around it, and meantime, his FOLLOWERS are raising money for his doomed lawsuits against the election. 

But he could also use that money in the future, for the other kind of lawsuits he’s already facing in defeat, the ones that have been and will be brought against him, some from NY, but also some because as ex-President he’s indictable, whereas he was given a pass during his whole term by the DOJ’s no indictment of President rule.

Trump was already crazy, I think, but this situation makes him even crazier, and possibly unpredictable and dangerous.

Will a significant portion of his 70+ million voters remain his followers, or will they abandon him, when they see he’s not a ‘winner;’ he’s a ‘loser?’

It’s a crucial question: we could be looking at the start of the equivalent of the Peronist movement in Argentina, which, long after Juan and Eva Peron, still is a major party in that country.

Peronism didn’t help Argentina. It may be one of the reasons why the country did not advance into a developed nation after WWII.

It doesn’t look as if Trumpism will enhance the USA, either. We’ve already suffered more Covid deaths and cases (and probably damage to the health of many survivors), than virtually any other country, and who knows whether Biden will be able to bring our former allies back on board, looking to the US for leadership–instead of Xi’s China.

Even economic recovery will be more difficult given the nation’s polarization, much exacerbated by Trump’s legacy.

But, at least, he won’t be leading America’s decline even further.

Published by douglascsmyth

Writer, gardener, former political science and economics professor, free-lance writer, 81-years old, married to Elizabeth Cunningham, father of Darshann, Julian and Marina. I live on the western slope of the Shawangunk ridge, NY, in a house powered largely by solar and heated and cooled by it. Associated with High Valley, Clinton Corners, until 2014.

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