Act V as in Shakespeare

The real world of politics at the moment is being described as parallels to Shakespeare in Lear and Richard III, and that now we come to the crescendo of catastrophe that is Act V in so many of Shakespeare’s tragedies. They don’t end well, the ‘hero’ doesn’t, anyway.

And the central character is Donald J Trump, who cannot, will not, absolutely refuses, to admit even the possibility that Joe Biden won and he lost. 

The heroic King cannot be wrong.

And now, he’s trying to ‘persuade’ Governors, or Secretaries of State to certify his win to the electors of their state! Proof he won: he says so. Couldn’t possibly have lost. 

There, the President of these ‘United’ States says so, so, you Governor, or Secretary, you should do what I tell you.

If that isn’t attempt to coerce election fraud, I dunno what would be.

The point is, and a few more Republicans are beginning to get this: the guy is going bananas and he could be politically radioactive. 

A prominent right-wing movement among Georgia Republicans is to campaign for boycotting this corrupt election (like the other one, remember, the one counted and recounted, and signature checked, etc, in which no fraud was found). 

We’ll see if he does more than glance at his two incumbent Senate candidates he’s supposed to be campaigning for.

After some perfunctory “wonderful” and “extraordinary” flailed towards them, endorsing them and then, he doesn’t think the way his strategists think. 

They think he should campaign for the Senators, to continue his heritage. But that would mean the unthinkable: admission of defeat.

Odds are he’ll veer full on the stolen election and it’s all rigged, because he really won.

Sort of reinforces the hardliners boycott campaign.

Democrats are keeping their fingers crossed.

And I’ve given 20’s and recurring’s to Ossoff and Warnock and I’ve got my fingers crossed, too.

But my small donations are among thousands, millions,  to support a restoration of sanity and a progressive vision for our future. While most givers are probably white, middle income or above, they are spiced by growing numbers of black and brown and women, as well as men.

Those thousands, or few millions from our side, are competing with Republican groups and funds, raising perhaps more than a billion from billionaires, corporations, interest groups….

Which kind of numbers will work, I wonder.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

So Trump went to Georgia (Valdosta in the south) for a Trump rally (hordes jammed and unmasked), even though he lost the election. He was there, nominally to boost the campaigns of Senators Loeffler and Perdue (both corrupt and craven with Trump), but he didn’t spend much time urging his people to vote for them.

Most of his time, as I predicted above, was spent complaining that he won the election; that it was stolen by “massive” cheating, that even the Republican Governor and Secretary of State are not going to defend him and that the elections were rigged. There were chants of “Stop the Steal” that he approved of. He all but implied that the January run-off would probably be rigged too. He didn’t say “don’t vote,” but he sure made a good case for it for those voters on the far right who are pushing the boycott meme.

As I wrote, yesterday, Democrats have their fingers crossed.

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