Pardon Trump?

Some people were talking about whether Biden should pardon Trump!

Joe said: “There’s No Way in Hell I’d Ever Pardon Trump,” but that was before he became President. That was when the question was posed. 

Why in God’s name, would anyone even think that, unless they were hopeless followers of said Trump? Further, a pardon pre-supposes a crime pardoned. Trump would never openly admit that he violated the 14th Amendment, section 3, or any other crime.

The list of his past crimes, before and during his presidency are long enough, and DJT has wriggled out of every one. Why not this one?

We, the People should say, No! This grifter has gotten away with too much. No Pardon!

Pardoning Trump would put us all in danger. 

Trump should be banned from all Federal public offices, not pardoned. Donald Trump broke the 14th Amendment, as did his Jan. 6th followers and co-conspirators. All of them should be banned from Federal public office. That includes Congresspeople, etc. who have been confirmed as participants/conspirators in the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection.

A pardon would be a political disaster. It might be popular with Trump followers, but it would lose votes. For those who are Trump followers, rabid right-wing Republicans, a pardon would not win their votes for Democrats, even for a pardon-compromised Biden. Democratic voters would be furious enough to stay home on election day.

More importantly, a pardon for Trump would legitimate overthrowing elections one doesn’t like. The only reason Trump insists he won the election is that he hates losing, has always hated losers, and has always insisted he was a winner.

In his mind, he just could NOT have lost. And, in his mind, that justifies seizing election machinery and changing the outcome of the election.

That’s not democracy; that’s Fascism.

Trump was never democratically inclined. He always rejected the idea that “those people” should be allowed to vote.

“Those people” being black and brown—and maybe Jews, as well. Whoever is not white, not Christian should not be considered American. They’re the only reason why those Democrats could ever win an election. Most Republicans believe that.

Fulfilling that perception, justifies racial, class, religious discrimination, and loss of citizenship, i.e the right to vote.

Further, it’s clear that Trump does not accept limitations on Presidential power, when he wields it. He is a natural authoritarian. Once elected, he’d find whatever ways he could, to keep his position for life. Elections? Just control them, like Putin, or Orban, or Hitler.

If Trump were pardoned, and then “won” a Presidential election through the rigging of the machinery his party has managed to legislate over most of the states, it would almost parallel Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany in 1933.

When his party won local elections, Hitler was appointed head of state, because the ruling class thought he was popular and harmless, so they could control him—again, a parallel to Trump.

The outcome for the US, ultimately, if Trump were “elected,” could be worse than Hitler’s. Not just causing the devastation of WWII and the Holocaust, but causing, accelerating, the devastation of the world, not just Europe and East Asia, through not attempting to mitigate the global climate crisis, but denying its existence, instead.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Trump expanded private concentration camps for unwanted foreigners and non-whites as well; he’s been against all those ‘others’ all his life, a true racist.

A true disciple of Der Fuhrer.

I’m mystified as to why so many millions are smitten by this transparently obvious grifter, who’s also an economic shark, poser, clever, intentionally ignorant, unpleasant and openly mean, demands loyalty but doesn’t give it, and is erratic in his attention.

He’s a celebrity, who cashed in on his notoriety for decades. and invented new ways to make scads of money, by losing it and going bankrupt. Thereby liquidating most of his debt—not paying workers and contractors), and keeping his valuable real estate, valued to his liking.

Whether he’s a multi-billionaire, or only a multi-millionaire, he lives as if he’s the former—gold faucets, etc.

How did he earn this? Daddy gave him, literally, at least a hundred million dollars. He’s lost more than that, but also talked his way perhaps to amassing a few billions.

So, why and how does DJT become the tribune of the disaffected, and the rural out of it?

Have you ever seen another politician so entertainingly emote, use his face to express a gamut of emotions, from outrage to fear, to sneer, to bellowing his triumph, to caricaturing a  sincere smile?

Perhaps he has such a following because he’s entertaining, not because of substance, but with resentment assumed of anyone else, but especially Democrats, and ‘others.’


The real conundrum is how can you wrest the millions who support this monster from his stranglehold on them? 

Or persuade them that there can be a collective good—like wearing a mask during Covid, to not only to protect yourself, but to protect others. 

Sounds like Socialism!

Published by douglascsmyth

Writer, gardener, former political science and economics professor, free-lance writer, 81-years old, married to Elizabeth Cunningham, father of Darshann, Julian and Marina. I live on the western slope of the Shawangunk ridge, NY, in a house powered largely by solar and heated and cooled by it. Associated with High Valley, Clinton Corners, until 2014.

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