LIFE AT 75 (1st Posted 2015)

“You’re old now,” my 28-year old daughter (my youngest) told me on my birthday. She’s into extreme sports. “You don’t look old; I took you for 55.” A sample comment from people who don’t know me. I am lucky to have relatively good health. I hike and garden in the summer, ski in the winter,Continue reading “LIFE AT 75 (1st Posted 2015)”

Douglas C. Smyth, Author

I’m half Venezuelan and a quarter Hawthorne. Writing is in my blood. I wrote for magazines and free-lance assignments, from encyclopedias to radio programs from 2001-07. I have authored many unpublished novels and, so far, four (self) published novels, as well as assorted published short stories and articles. Before my Ph.D program (Political Science, EconomicsContinue reading “Douglas C. Smyth, Author”