Douglas C. Smyth Author, Gardener

The great white oak, about 300 years old, that brought us to this piece of land. On May 3rd, 2020, the great white oak collapsed! No wind, no rain, a beautiful sunny day, but Our Oak got too heavy on top, and too weak at his base. Result: Quite miraculously, the Oak fell between twoContinue reading “Douglas C. Smyth Author, Gardener”

Douglas C. Smyth, Author

I’m half Venezuelan and a quarter Hawthorne. Writing is in my blood. I wrote for magazines and free-lance assignments, from encyclopedias to radio programs from 2001-07. I have authored many unpublished novels and, so far, four (self) published novels, as well as assorted published short stories and articles. Before my Ph.D program (Political Science, EconomicsContinue reading “Douglas C. Smyth, Author”