Give Don’t Worry About Why

There are so many emails asking for donations, so that the donor will help elect—progressives in my case—but the general election for Congressional and state seats is not until next November (not this November), and the donation is urgent, because of the Xth police killing, or the most recent outrage, or the Rep’s or Dem’sContinue reading “Give Don’t Worry About Why”

Act V as in Shakespeare

The real world of politics at the moment is being described as parallels to Shakespeare in Lear and Richard III, and that now we come to the crescendo of catastrophe that is Act V in so many of Shakespeare’s tragedies. They don’t end well, the ‘hero’ doesn’t, anyway. And the central character is Donald JContinue reading “Act V as in Shakespeare”

Another Conspiracy Theory?

The latest conspiracy theory has been put out by Dick Morris, “former Democratic strategist,” in the Clinton admin. He turned on Bill Clinton in 1999 and has been on the “other side” ever since. He now claims that the increase in votes in cities like Atlanta and Detroit are much larger than population increases, soContinue reading “Another Conspiracy Theory?”

How do Republicans “Think?”

I received, a letter in the mail, (not personal) from Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Minority leader in the US House. He prefaced the letter with this: “The Democrats are trying to use the Chinese coronavirus as a pathetic excuse to force their socialist agenda on the American people. Since seizing power (!) the Socialist DemocratsContinue reading “How do Republicans “Think?””


DOUGLASCSMYTH LEAVE A COMMENT I have seen the effects of almost unbridled growth. In India. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t good for people, either. With the exception of the British Empire’s cantonments, cities in India were never planned. They grew; they grow, like octopi. When I was interviewing people in Jabalpur back in 1970,Continue reading “WHAT UNCONTROLLED DEVELOPMENT LOOKS LIKE: INDIA”

LIFE AT 75 (1st Posted 2015)

“You’re old now,” my 28-year old daughter (my youngest) told me on my birthday. She’s into extreme sports. “You don’t look old; I took you for 55.” A sample comment from people who don’t know me. I am lucky to have relatively good health. I hike and garden in the summer, ski in the winter,Continue reading “LIFE AT 75 (1st Posted 2015)”


Princess Olga: Uncovering My Headstrong Mother’s Venezuelan Connection is available in hardback, paperback and as an e-book. Princess Olga may be ordered on B & N, Amazon and other retail outlets. Publisher: Imagination Fury Arts. Also available here:’s+Venezuelan+Connection&qid=1593367871&s=digital-text&sr=1-2 I have published two books only on Amazon Kindle. They are Attila’s autobiography Attila as ToldContinue reading “MY BOOKS AVAILABLE HERE”

Honeybee Society

How do bees keep order?  Are there bee enforcers? No bee rampages through the hive and kills its sisterhood. They do give the drones the heave ho, when supplies are scarce or winter is coming, but they wouldn’t have lived long in the winter, anyway, only eaten precious honey. And worker bees can lay droneContinue reading “Honeybee Society”

“Republicans Will Never Win”

Trump’s Executive order aimed at social media may have been issued in a fit of pique, in part: to him, if he believes it, it is true, so any questioning (fact-checking, horrors!) has to be stopped. The actual order, if enforced, could increase social media’s liability to what others post. And it is an attemptContinue reading ““Republicans Will Never Win””

Douglas C. Smyth, Author

I’m half Venezuelan and a quarter Hawthorne. Writing is in my blood. I wrote for magazines and free-lance assignments, from encyclopedias to radio programs from 2001-07. I have authored many unpublished novels and, so far, four (self) published novels, as well as assorted published short stories and articles. Before my Ph.D program (Political Science, EconomicsContinue reading “Douglas C. Smyth, Author”